Sunday February 17, 2008

Many family and friends received a different, more detailed version of this but considering this is a public blog, I’ve edited out a few specific details to protect privacy, etc. Basically, I came up with this idea when I realized that John and I would be asked a thousand questions, actually the same couple of questions a thousand times!

So here you have it, the FAQ of our wedding and relationship:

Frequently Asked Questions
How did you meet?
We met on MySpace when John saw Jamie’s slide show of pictures that showed her progress after gastric bypass surgery. He sent her a message and she responded a few days later. Neither one at the time had romance in mind but that’s where God took them!
When was your first date? How long have you been a couple?
Their first “real life” date was March 30, 2007 at the Denny’s in Springdale (their second date was the next night!).  They became an official couple April 15, 2007 (10 months to the day before becoming engaged!).

What’s the ring like?

BEAUTIFUL! It’s a white gold ring with a marquis-cut mystic fire topaz as the center stone and two white sapphires on either side. (A picture is in the blog entry written before this one)
How did John propose?
He proposed the day after Valentine’s Day, which made it romantic but also allowed it to be “their day” that they don’t share with anyone else. John took Jamie to “their” park in Springdale and they were just cuddling and chatting. He told her that he took an extra day off, thus making the weekend longer for them. He said there was a question that still needed to be answered that would set the agenda for the weekend’s plans. This really started to concern Jamie because he had said it was something about their relationship that needed to be discussed. He then dropped to one knee and said “will you marry me?” The answer was of course a silent nod, then “yes, of course. A thousand times yes.” (by the way, a longer version of this story is in the blog entry written before this one)
When are you getting married?
Planning a wedding when it fits best for everyone has proved impossible so Jamie and John are planning it when it fits best for them (imagine that!). The current plan is Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008
Where will you get married?
Reservations have not been made as of yet, but the plan is to have a tented, outdoor wedding in “their” park.
Where will you be registered?
Right now they are thinking Wal-Mart is the best idea for overall needs with perhaps one or two more stores as well that will be determined later. The Wal-Mart registry for sure will be available online as well as in the stores.

What kind of wedding are you going to have?
John and Jamie plan on having a casual, outdoor wedding with the primary colors probably being red and sunflower yellow.  There will be an alcohol-free reception after the ceremony. The marriage aspect will be what’s called a covenant marriage. We plan on using the traditional vows.
What’s a covenant marriage?
Yes, John and Jamie plan on having what is called a covenant marriage, which is only available in a few states. A covenant marriage is a legally distinct kind of marriage, in which the couple agrees to get pre-marital counseling and accept more limited grounds for divorce.
Where’s the honeymoon?
They haven’t decided yet and unfortunately right now a lot depends on Jamie’s job situation. Heck, they might keep the location a secret even after the decision is made!  

Where will you live after you’re married?
That also hasn’t been decided yet but they know they want to stay in northwest Arkansas . John and Jamie love it here and want to call it home for at least a while.
What will your last name be after you’re married?
Um, well? John’s last name is Smith so it will be … Smith. No but seriously, Jamie does plan on changing her last name after the wedding.
So when will you start having children?
At this time John and Jamie do not plan on having children but of course will be open to God’s direction in the matter. They already have an adorable cat and plan on getting more animals.
How can we reach you before and after the wedding?
The same way you do now. John plans on getting a cell phone on Jamie’s plan but beyond that, they’re both keeping our personal e-mail addresses and MySpace pages. They will probably develop one joint email account for email business they will need to conduct as a couple. As soon as John and Jamie figure out what that email address is, they’ll let you know but it won’t be posted publicly for privacy reasons.

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