Monday April 21, 2008

I’ve been asked a ton of questions about my wedding plans so I thought I’d share details here. I don’t want exact details to be let out of the bag, but I can give generalities that will hopefully answer the biggest questions.

I think the biggest question that people FINALLY quit asking me is “why are you planning it now?” Um, well, because it’s in less than six months? No, seriously. All the wedding planning guides give 6-12 months for planning and I had about seven. The reason I started planning at 7 months was because I knew I would be super busy during the springtime with various work-related issues, then I would be really busy in June with health issues. I also knew I would need to reserve places and services quick and I was right. Some places were already getting booked up. So I ignored all the teasing and almost annoyed-sounding comments and kept planning! I’m really glad I’ve done that though because it’s turning out to be even more work than I even thought. That’s partially because I’m having to do much of it myself, with a few people helping me as I need them.

But enough explanations. Now for the fun details! I’ll probably do this as though I’m answering questions ….

• Yes, I have my dress. It’s kind of a Celtic-style, hand-embroidered, off-white dress that will go to my toes. Small confession: I bought it before we got engaged. The thing is, it’s handmade by this company that only makes a small number of each design and color (as in less than a 100). They were almost out of white ones in the dress style I wanted so I ordered it. I figured who could pass up the perfect wedding dress for 35 bucks?! Fortunately it fits, even more fortunately it will be able to be altered to how I need it (long story).

• No, the guys aren’t wearing tuxes. In fact, they aren’t even wearing ties. This is a very casual, outdoor wedding so they are just going to wear decent pants and decent shirts. No shirt flowers either.

• Our colors are sunflower yellow, darkish red with splashes of darkish purple.

• The primary flower will be sunflowers with brown centers, red roses and some kind of purple flower with a few other flowers intermixed. I will have a bouquet as will my matron of honor. There will be small bouquets hanging with ribbons from all the posts in the pavillion where the ceremony and reception will be held. Oh, we’re doing silk flowers for a variety of reasons.

• Yes, we are having an outdoor wedding as crazy as that feels! We fell in love with this park in Springdale and it really is very peaceful. It has a decent, covered pavillion that seats about 115 or so at picnic tables. So yeah, people will have to sit at picnic tables but it won’t be bad I don’t think. We had planned to rent a tent that would be right next to the pavillion for the ceremony then move to the pavillion for the ceremony. My mom and aunt helped us realize that was really pretty silly to spend $600 bucks for a tent and chairs to have 20 feet from a pavillion! So we decided to go ULTRA casual and just have it in the pavillion. I think it’s going to be great, actually. Very casual but very “us.” A wedding should reflect the couple getting married after all! I only wish we could invite more people because there are so many that I would love to share our happiness with, but I’m content with our limits. It will also be cool to have playground equipment right there close so parents can bring their young children and not have to worry about them getting rambunctious.

• No, we haven’t bought the rings yet. Not sure what to do about that yet. Mine will probably have to be custom-made because of the odd shape of my engagement ring. That’s on our list of things to look at.

• Yes, we are having a photographer but one hasn’t been chosen. I decided it’s best to not ask friends, relatives or coworkers to do this job in case something goes wrong. We have found three photographers in the area that are pretty reasonable and they are all Christians, which is cool for us. I just like that the people who are involved in our wedding share our faith.

• Yes, we’ve found a cake we like and it’s soooo pretty! I would put a photo here but I want it to be a surprise. It’s kind of fancy for a casual wedding but we just really liked it. Not sure on the flavors yet and we haven’t decided for 100 percent if we’ll also have a sugar-free cake as well. As far as other food at the reception, we are going pretty light. The wedding is in the middle of the afternoon so people shouldn’t want/expect lunch or dinner. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible by not having much that needs refrigeration and/or heating.(Actually, any suggestions would be welcome.) One thing that I am determined to have are those dumb buttermints. They won’t match the wedding and most people think they are gross. But ever since I was a little girl I’ve always said I would have those at my wedding. So mints will be on the menu!

• I think we’re pretty pleased with our invitations. They might be a tad fancy for a casual wedding but they’re neat. They have ribbons that hold a little silver-looking cross on them. We’re printing our own invitations and programs to not only save money to be honest, have a little more control in the situation. This will allow for last minute changes and we can easily get more printed at the last minute if necessary. Besides, it seems DIY invitations and programs are all the rage and we must be in style (so completely kidding)!

• As far as the music goes, some of it’s been chosen and some hasn’t. We know the one song and we’ve agreed on that. The problem right now is the processional and recessional. I don’t like the traditional processional pieces (except for the Wedding March for me). John doesn’t seem to have a major preference. Really, I know what I WANT but I don’t think it’s appropriate. I love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring but I think it’s too fast for a processional. Our wedding party won’t be galloping down the aisle after all!

• Yes, we’re registered. No, we don’t think we need to find more places to register just so people can give us more stuff. We can’t find stuff we like at places that have registries. We don’t care about stuff like china so we’re just getting the basics at Wal-Mart. Actually a lot of it is replacing stuff I already own that has worn out. I wish there was a polite way to give alternative gift suggestions but there isn’t so that’s fine.

• Yes, we’re having a shower. Actually, what was going to be a shower in Tulsa, which is what I had in mind when we first got engaged, has turned into one shower in NWA, one shower in Wichita and no shower in Tulsa. Crazy how life works, huh? I just have to figure out how to incorporate/invite Tulsa-area friends and family since both locations would be tough for travel. But other than that, I’m really excited and I promise it’s not about the gifts! Most people haven’t had the chance to meet John so both gatherings will be co-ed. I really want them to be more about celebrating and enjoying each other rather than just getting STUFF. I was so touched that my friends here and my church family from back in Wichita wanted to do this for me, it’s so wonderful! Neither person throwing the events were asked to do anything, they totally volunteered. It’s just such a blessing.

• Yes, we’ve chosen where we’re going for the honeymoon but I’m not saying where just yet. It will be gorgeous and casual and romantic, though! Really perfect for us. The only issue at this point with my work situation is that we don’t know how long we will have for the actual trip.

Well, I think that about covers all the questions I’ve been asked without giving away too many details!

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  1. It sounds like you are well on your way to your special day. Weddings should be all about what you want. I love music and had a lot of it in my wedding, so much so that my Daddy kept referring to it as “the cantata”. Our day was held at Noon at our church, but our reception was on Gene’s grandfathers farm. We even had on the invitations say “casual attire requested for reception”. It was loads of fun and the kids all had a good time too. That’s what I wanted a time to visit with friends, and for families to enjoy. I think your plans sound wonderful and the more personal the wedding the nicer it is for everyone.   

    I think everything will fall into place and you will have a wonderful and beautiful day!

    As for the showers, I had co-ed too, I think its nicer that way. My girls that stood up in the wedding had a intimate shower for me, it was just us girls and it was a Sunday afternoon tea!  

    Keep letting us know how the plans are coming!!!

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