Monday April 21, 2008

I know I’ve talked about this before but John and I really enjoy getting Angel Food. It costs $30 bucks and you can order specials with the core box that are about $18 to $20 each. In each core package you get quite a bit of decent food, I’d say about $60 bucks worth. John and I get it because it’s cheap, easy and 90 percent of the time very very good. It’s almost always off-brand food, but sometimes I like that better. It comes in packages that look like this borrowed image from Photobucket

John and I have pretty much decided that 75 percent of their beef, although cheap, isn’t that great in quality. We’ve liked their chicken products every time, though. We weren’t terribly upset about the beef, after all what can one expect when they get 6, 10-ounce T-Bone steaks for $20? Anyways, Angel Food takes food stamps for those of you who need that and it’s really worth the time, money and effort, especially in these bad economic times.

Another thing that we both really enjoy are these two “Britcoms” (British situation comedies). They air on the PBS station here and are quite amusing. The first one is called Keeping Up Appearances
Keeping up Appearances
It’s about this hoity-toity woman who thinks she’s this wonderful socialite but really she just drives everyone absolutely insane. She has these “low class” relatives that serve to drive her crazy and embarrass her in just the right moments. It’s hysterical. I really can see John and me being the “low class” relatives in about 20 years!

The second show is called Waiting on God. It’s about this retirement home where this family sends their elderly father. At first you think the man has gone a little senile, but you quickly realize that he’s just very creative. He befriends a resident there who is a bitter woman with a big heart. They both work to basically drive the greedy nursing home director crazy as well as go on their own adventures. Here’s the lead characters here
Waiting for God

John also enjoys a third Britcom named “Are you Being Served” but I don’t get into it much. It’s about the staff at a department store and all their shenanigans.

My third and final random thought from this weekend is about a new cologne I saw on TV this morning. It’s called The Pope’s Cologne, I kid you not.
It looks like thisPhotobucket

At first I thought it sounded AWFUL, but when they described it, the concept was actually pretty cool. It turns out this doctor researched a pope during the 1800s and he believes he found the recipe for the pope’s cologne. This doctor makes the cologne in his home, with the help of several family members. He said (on the news show featuring his story) that he isn’t sure if it’s the name that turns people off or if they think it’s simply sacreligous. I can’t help but think it’s both, even though I’m not personally offended by the idea. So what name would you give the stuff to make it sell?

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