Thursday January 1, 2009

The numbers on these two exercises seem turned around, but I’m going to do them anyways. I’ve seen people do both of these exercises and I wanted to join in even though I wasn’t tagged (on a side note, thanks for not tagging me, that’s just annoying LOL!) But I’m going to be annoying and give my friends something to do. I’m going to tag some of you and you can either do one of the exercises or for a real challenge, you can do both!

Here’s the first one:

I’m supposed to name 10 blessings I received in 2008. These are in no specific order, mostly as I think of them:

* My husband, marriage and the whole bit. Yeah, I know that’s three things. But they are all kinda the same. Getting married this year has been such a blessing. I have a lifemate … someone with whom to share life’s joys and sorrows. He can also share his life with me, which is a double blessing

* Getting a second kitty, Colby. I still adore Missy, my first cat, but Colby is as much a mama’s boy as Missy is a daddy’s girl. Colby has not only provided more companionship for me, but he’s been a great new buddy for Missy. She was bored and lonely before and her behavior has gotten a lot better.

* My finances. I know, we’re in a recession and things are still really tough for me but to be honest, a lot of things have happened to me this year that has made my financial situation much more manageable. I’ve learned to manage better, for one thing. But I’ve also had additional revenue streams and that’s been a big help.

* Boundaries. Yeah, I know this sounds weird and like I’m a therapy drone. But it’s a word I’ve known for a long time and I’m finally learning about it for real. What I used to think was transparency and openness in my life was really a complete lack of ability to establish and maintain boundaries. I’ve worked a lot this year to not only establish my own boundaries, but to require others to respect my established boundaries. This in turn has allowed me to better comprehend boundaries in others.

* My latest surgery. Surprising, I know. One would think that after 17 of these babies I would be really sick of being cut open. But this one was my choice (but considered medically necessary so insurance covered it! WOO HOOO!) I have been very private about this surgery, but I don’t mind so much saying now that I had breast-reduction surgery. I lost so much weight on my front that the pain relief was instantaneous. While I had already worked on my self esteem in regards to this issue, I also have to admit that it is nice to no longer have something that makes me a target for sexual harassment from Internet idiots 😀

* Random phantom pains. Yeah, these have actually sucked this year. They’ve been torture, actually. But in the spirit of having a positive attitude, I’m trying to find the positives from this situation. The truth is, I had a lot of testing done to try and determine the answer to my pain. We didn’t find the answers to those pains per se, but we did find a few other problems that were lurking. I’m now getting treatment for those. Oh, and it’s nice to know that I have a “beautiful” colon.

* Loved ones. I’ve always had loved ones but they’ve really shined in my life this year as I was very blessed in several situations. I really learned through the wedding planning process with showers, help, etc. who I can count on in life and who I just can’t. I’ve really also had friends and family go out of their way to help me in other ways this year.

* My right to vote. This is something I’ve always had, but I got to exercise it this year. Most of my guys didn’t win but I’m OK with that. That fact has really allowed me to realize that God has a plan that is much bigger than any of us!

* My trip to Louisiana in March with John. This was our first and really only “real” road trip. Every other trip we’ve taken has been to see family or whatever. This was to see friends. We both learned a lot about each other and ourselves on this trip, it was really a blessing. We’re planning to make the same trip again this coming March.

* My new home. I moved into a new apartment this year, after living in the same complex for the previous 6.5 years. This place is much better maintained, is safer and a lot more attractive. It’s just healthier for me both physically and emotionally.

The next exercise is to name 16 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about myself. Again, these are in order of my thoughts, not necessarily of importance.

* I’ve had 17 surgeries and a host of weirdo health problems,  but I’ve never had a nosebleed nor have I broken a bone.
* When I was a kid I was always the best at ONE thing in PE…I could touch my ELBOWS to my toes when in a sitting/legs straight out position.
* I like condiments and food from contrasting places. For example, I prefer the nuggets from McDonalds but think their sauces taste too vinegary. I love the sauces from Wendy’s but don’t care much for their nuggets.
* I’m a writer for a living but I HATE Scrabble and crossword puzzles. It also irritates me when people assume I should like both just because of my profession.
* I use both Macintosh and PC computers and rarely get confused between the two (unless I’m trying to make bullets, that sucks)
* I like crime dramas, especially those dealing with forensics science but I don’t like the reality shows that are about such things
* I have taken lessons in two languages (besides English) but still can only speak English.
* I’ve become a better writer since I started blogging but I haven’t had much time to do so since getting married (although I guess I’m making up for it today!)
* I used to be a voracious reader up until three years ago. I have not read a complete book in three years, even though I’ve started several. I have no idea why the change even though I know the catalyst event. I miss the joy of reading.
* I used to have an imaginary cat named Skinny.
* I’ve been to all three “oceans” that touch the US … Pacific, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico (why isn’t that considered part of the Atlantic?) but I’ve never been to one of the Great Lakes.
* I’ve never had a land phone line since living on my own. I got a cell phone when I moved out and have never felt the need for more.
* I didn’t go on my first date until I was 28 years old.
* I bought my wedding dress, THEN I got engaged, THEN I had breast reduction surgery … a bit backwards order but it worked.
* I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket or other traffic violation …. other than the three wrecks that were all my fault.
* I’ve paid income taxes since I was 14 years old.

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  1. These are all great!!! 

    I do hope your New Year is filled with good health, happiness and love overflowing!!!

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