Sunday April 12, 2009

  I’ll start out by saying that I think this has been the best American Idol season since I started watching the show in 2006. I think every one of the top 12 has been talented, even if there were some whose specific style I didn’t prefer. There haven’t been any contestants so far that I’ve thought “WHY aren’t they gone?” or when they are voted off, “Good grief, so glad they’re gone.”

While I think all are talented, I do disagree with last week’s send off.

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A lot of people thought Scott McIntyre, the lovable, admirable and yes, blind guy, should not have been voted off. Well I guess technically he had to leave because of the lack of votes, but that’s semantics. I’ve heard so many comments that “he’s so inspiring, he’s such a nice guy that they should have saved him.”

I agree he didn’t deserve to go just yet, but not because he’s learned to live a full life despite being blind. I think Scott is talented and he’s actually not had the chance to show his full talent yet. Most people are so caught up in the fact that he’s blind that they don’t realize he’s achieved more academically than what many people who aren’t blind have achieved. He’s a classically trained musician so I think for him to be doing so well at one of his first major attempts at popular music is really interesting and cool. Sure, I agree he doesn’t QUITE have what it takes to win the competition (although I also thought about about Taylor Hicks, go figure). But I think when comparing who is left, Lil’ Rounds probably deserved to go. She’s got a great voice, but I just feel like compared to others she’s failed to grow in this competition. In fact, I would almost say she’s edging on that “can’t wait for them to go” line for me.

All that said, I should also say that I do think Scott’s being on American Idol is interesting and a landmark event. I’m not one of those who says I find him inspiring because he lives a normal life despite being blind. After all, I almost find it insulting when people act so amazed that I live a normal life despite being in a wheelchair. I think if you are raised with the right mindset, stay in that mindset and work hard enough, you can accomplish just about anything.

What I find interesting about watching Scott is not so much the fact that he achieves normalcy, but how he does it. I think it’s interesting to see other people with disabilities and the unique ways they find to adapt to the able-bodied world. Scott actually manages to avoid the “blind stare” (yes, I know that’s politically incorrect) and he doesn’t look completely foolish during the dance numbers. He doesn’t look completely comfortable, I know. But then again, neither does anyone else! I guess I’m just saying that my admiration for Scott is more in watching and learning his techniques, not so much in the fact that he’s achieved something in the first place.

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