Introducing the spiritual abuse series

We’ve all heard of abuse. Domestic abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental or emotional abuse. I think most of us “get” what those terms mean or can assume the basics even if we don’t understand the signs, implications and breadth of the abuse.

When I started talking about the term “spiritual abuse,” I got a lot of confused looks or comments. What’s that? people would ask. After all spiritual abuse isn’t talked about. It doesn’t have a ribbon or a campaign. Most don’t know about it, many don’t want to talk about it.

Simply put, just like emotional abuse affects us emotionally and verbal abuse is done verbally, spiritual abuse is done using spiritual things and affects the victim’s spiritual life.

It’s usually in the form of controlling behavior from a church leader or church system but spiritual abuse can come from anyone and can affect anyone. It’s effects can be minor, but usually they are more damaging. Often people who have been spiritually abused struggle to understand who God truly is and find themselves doubting God or sometimes even leaving their faith all together.

I say all this because this to introduce a new category of blog entries that you will find at Jamie’s Thots. At first, I will be reposting blogs I wrote for another site called Daily Jesus, which is no longer active. I will also be sharing new thoughts on the subject of spiritual abuse (and perhaps other forms of “hidden” abuse). A third component will be sharing links to blogs I think share profound thoughts from people who are recovering from spiritual abuse.

What you won’t find here is me bashing any specific person or group. This blog category is designed to help people heal and to bring awareness to the idea of spiritual abuse in our society. That doesn’t happen if it seems like I’m “calling out” anyone specific. The focus will be on awareness, healing and most of all…who God truly is.

All that said, I ask for your prayers over this category of blogs. Pray for wisdom for me and other writers, pray for soft hearts for those who are reading and for God to be glorified through this effort.

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