Peace from the Doxology

All through my childhood, I grew up attending a church that had a very diverse music program. We believed in worshiping with all the musical talents God provides including instruments and voices. It was what I believe to be a good blend of styles from modern praise and worship to the time-honored hymns that have inspired believers for centuries.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that might even get me in trouble for sharing. When I was a kid and even a teenager, I wouldn’t sing all the songs during church. I would just mouth some of the words. The odd thing was, it was out of respect, not rebellion. I knew that back then, I didn’t have a relationship with God. Sure, I respected God and saw him as my savior, but there was not the personal relationship that I knew I needed and craved, just never felt “right” about. So, I would sing with gusto along with songs that were about God’s grace, power and other amazing attributes. It was the songs that spoke of a personal relationship that I just didn’t feel comfortable singing. I felt like it would be a lie to sing them and that’s disrespectful, right? I knew I would draw attention to myself for not singing so I always mouthed the words.

Now that I have that personal relationship, it’s the songs that speak of a personal relationship that I crave to sing. Those now have the most power for me. I still love the praise songs, but I cherish the songs I call “connection songs.”

There was one song that we would always sing to close each church service that to this day, I just love. Even in my 20s when I did nearly all I could to run from God, I found peace in hearing or even reading the lyrics to the Doxology. The lyrics are actually a part of a longer song but most churches just sing the few lines:

(Image from the Catholic Supply of St. Louis)

Doesn’t that just give you chills? Chills of peace (if that even makes sense?)

If it doesn’t, perhaps you should watch this video of the song being performed at a wedding. I love the vocals on this!

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