Day 23: Finding something that is cheaper and better

Great Value’s macaroni and cheese dinner instant little tubs are better than name brand varieties.
I think it’s a common misconception that just because something cost more, that it’s better somehow. It tastes better, is healthier or has a general higher quality. While this is true in many cases, it’s not necessarily the case.

My Simple Joy today was discovering that my favorite junk/comfort food (has been great for settling my stomach in recent years) now has a store brand that is both cheaper and tastier.

I’ve always bought the little tubs of Kraft Easy Mac but saw that Walmart’s Great Value brand now has the same thing for 80 cents less for a four-pack. I had to try it but was skeptical. I figured that the fakey fake macaroni and cheese would taste even fakier.

It didn’t. It was cheesier (in a good way) and I liked the texture of the pasta more. I usually add a bit of cheese to the Kraft version but for the Great Value type, it wasn’t necessary. Even more money saved!

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