Day 31: Finally done (!) and lessons gained

This entry is day 31 of a 31-day blogging challenge where we choose a topic or theme to write about every day for 31 days. I’ve been writing about Simple Joys, which are the little things in life that create a sense of joy or just give us a smile.

At the risk of sounding like I’m accepting an Academy Award of blogging, I wanted to thank everyone who had stayed with me on this journey through the 31 Days of Simple Joys, especially those who are receiving my blog via email.

I know that I’ve suddenly drastically increased my blog traffic but that’ been one of the points of doing this exercise. I feel like in the last year or so I’ve let my personal blog slide and I’ve lacked creativity, lacked bravery. I wanted to get back into blogging again and the best way to start writing more is to start writing more (yes, you read that right. Think “just do it”).

I also knew that as I made some major life changes that I would easily become focused on the big picture of life and on goals. This makes it easy to forget to notice the simple things, the things that make a smile throughout the day.

That’s what 31 Days of Simple Joys has been about and I thank you for joining me on the journey. I hope it’s helped you realize some of the simple joys you have in your own life!

All that said, this has been a time-consuming venture for me. I’m glad I did it, glad it’s over.

So yes, my Simple Joy for today is being done with the 31 Days of 2012 challenge!

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