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466912_10151059267966868_307460592_oI wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone who reads this blog. You join me in my reflections, recipes and general ramblings and it’s appreciated. I hope that in some small way, I’ve been able to offer something that has blessed your life as I share my life’s struggles, triumphs and blessings.

Let me take a few more moments and share some happenings here at Jamie’s Thots that you may (or may not!) find of interest.

New Facebook page

As blogs, blogging and in general content marketing has become more the norm and even expected in the world of social media, it’s become more common for bloggers to create a Facebook page just for their blog. Pages on Facebook book are different from profiles. Profiles are intended for individual people only. I keep my Facebook page fairly private even though I have a large friend list. This prohibits people who read my blog but who I don’t really know in real life from connecting with me on Facebook.

By creating a page for Jamie’s Thots, I’m able to connect with more people and grow my blog readership. I’d love it if you would “like” my blog’s page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamiesThots and make sure to check back regularly and participate in the discussions!

Joining Social Fabric

Another development at Jamie’s Thots is that I’ve been honored to join the Social Fabric Community, which is an organization of bloggers sponsored by Collective Bias. The Social Fabric Community works with brands to help them grow their business. The members try new products or services from brands that are a client at Collective Bias and then talk about their experience on their blog. Its more than just a review, really in that the blogger talks about the entire experience and what the product or service does for their life. This helps create buzz around a new product or service. Bloggers have become more trusted as reviewers than professional critics because we as bloggers are real people sharing our real thoughts. Real people just trust that more. That’s the layman’s explanation of Social Fabric.

Here’s what they say about themselves: “Social Fabric is a private community managed by Collective Bias, a leading content marketing company. It’s a platform for micro-publishers passionate about building relationships and telling stories.” 

So what does this mean for you, the reader? Probably not a big change. You will notice that I will be talking more about products or events here and those posts will have a short legal statement at the end that explains that I’m a member of the Social Fabric Community. I’ve always done reviews, I’ve always shared my honest thoughts. That isn’t going to change just because some of the posts are monetized.

Well that’s about it for what’s new at Jamie’s Thots. What’s new with you?

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