What we love about living in Elkins (Arkansas)

Editor’s note: I wrote this originally for an online publication that decided to go a different direction with their main focus so they never used it. Blog fodder for me! Most of pictures were taken in August so be aware that the gas prices have gone down and the population has gone up (by eight people).

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Searching for a place to call home—a place where you invest time, money and emotions can be a difficult task. But when you find that place that is perfect for your family like my husband and I found in Elkins, you discover bliss. It might be easy to think that a small town would not have that many amenities but I’m here to tell you about the treasures you will find around Elkins.

We knew we wanted to be in a smaller town in Washington County and we looked at probably 20 different houses in I don’t know how many towns and out in the county. Each time we looked at a house in a different town, we visited area businesses to see how the people were and the amenities that were available. Each time, Elkins stood out above all the rest.

Now that we’ve lived in this small town of about 2,600 people, we can’t imagine living anywhere else. Granted, it’s not what most would consider a tourist town but the amenities make it a delightful place to live and have family and friends visit. When my husband and I tried to develop this list, I went out and took photos of all the things we love about Elkins.

I came up with more than 25 photos. I promise not to share all of them but will share the highlights of what we enjoy most about our adopted town.

Elkins has unique local flavor and shopping

Between several local restaurants and local stores, we find most of what we need right there in town. The local grocery retailer Harp’s built a brand new store in Elkins a couple of years ago and we love their fresh produce and helpful employees. We also use the pharmacy there and their pharmacy team is very knowledgeable and quick to serve.
OIA Elkins Harps
Local entrepreneurialism seems to be alive in Elkins with a growing number of locally owned shops including a liquor store, another local pharmacy, daycare, florist, several hair places, a pawn shop, and a custom gun shop.
Our two favorites, however, are the Elkins Farmers Co-Op, and White River Discount Store. We get high quality pet food at the Co-op as well as other pet supplies and items to manage our lawn and home.

At White River Discount, we can get food that is delicious, cheap and sometimes a little off the wall. For example, they get items from other stores that might have damaged packaging or have otherwise are not used at their original destination. These perfectly usable food items are then sold at discount prices. White River also features the best fresh eggs from local farmers as well as handmade jellies, jams and other items.
OIA Elkins White River Discount Foods
Elkins features two Mexican food places, Tequila Grill and El Rio Grande. We love them both for their fresh food,
fantastic service and affordable deals.

OIA Elkins Tequila single
Another local restaurant we love is Mordours (best chicken wings in all of Northwest Arkansas). We also have a brand new bakery called Nellie B’s Bakery. This family business offers everything from amazing quiches to any kind of baked good you can imagine. And the coffee! A delightful thing to find in a small town.

Nellie Bs Bakery Elkins

Elkins has growing chain options

Be it the coolest Dollar General I’ve ever seen (they have specialized dog treats we can’t find anywhere else except for expensive specialty stores), to the newest McDonald’s in Northwest Arkansas, Elkins has a growing number of chain options. It also has a Sonic, a Daylight Donuts and several chain gas stations (total of four gas stations within about two miles). We also have two banking options, including Arvest with a nice big branch with helpful people and a standard drive-thru ATM.
OIA Elkins Caseys General Store


Elkins has great community amenities

No matter where you live, having emergency personnel that is quick and effective is vital. We learned within a few
months of moving to Elkins just how fast the police and volunteer fire department can get to our home, even in the middle of the night. All turned out OK, but were very grateful for the rapid First Responder arrival!
OIA Elkins City Services
One of our favorite places to go in town is Bunch Park. It has a playground, tennis courts, volleyball courts and a great walking trail. We love taking our two dogs for a walk and we enjoy the scenery (a tributary of the White River flows along the park).
OIA Elkins Bunch Park
Elkins also features a great city library and a community center, both places I need to be at more often. I don’t have kids, but from what I’ve heard the schools are great, too. The school district just constructed a brand new high school.
OIA Elkins New High School

Elkins is close to attractions

Elkins just nine miles from what I call “Fayetteville proper.” In other words, the Fayetteville city limits are a few hundred yards or so from the Elkins city limits but it all seems rural and residential until you get to the Crossover and Huntsville Road intersection and that’s nine miles. This means that all the Fayetteville amenities are just a short drive away.

OIA Elkins Fayetteville distance sign

On the other side of Elkins, down Highway 16, is the beautiful Terra Studios and the access to Highway 23, better known as the Pig Trail (Elkins is great for bikers!).

OIA Elkins Terra Studio

Elkins has an affordable, available housing and business area

We’ve found that Elkins has lower taxes, more affordable housing and a growing number of places that offer jobs.
There are also several neighborhoods with utilities installed and lots ready to build. Commercial opportunities are also available from land to build on or several newly constructed storefronts that are available for rent.
OIA Elkins Business available


OIA Elkins Empty lots

Elkins has breathtaking scenery 

Probably the thing we talk about the most when we talk about loving our new home is the scenery. Elkins has huge forested areas surround the city and this gives us a gorgeous view of all the seasons. The roads are great for day trips for all types of motorists and the nearby tributaries of the White River are great for canoeing.

OIA Elkins Landscape

OIA Elkins rural roadways for biking



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  1. Hi!
    I am a fellow rollergirl living in NW Arkansas. I, too, love it here. I moved here to raise my sunshine of my life, my 5 yr old son. I found your blog when I googled Quickie. My Quickie has been dropping off parts it’s so old. I was looking atl my in-network choices for a chair, and being short in stature, and also needing a more athletic chair, buying a 45 lb chair at a pharmacy won;t cut it. I really need a lighter chair for when I can eventually lift it, and want my elderly parents to be able to lift it. Anyway, I will be subscribing. Nice to know someone else “around here” is on wheels and needs them to be not just functional but fashionable. I live in the River Valley.
    Hugs! Tracey

  2. please keep posting of local events and people. I lived there many years and now am in Texas. Makes me feel better getting to see the photos. Don’t forget to mention the wonderful churches, and there’s a farm that raises Buffalo!

    1. Carolyn,
      Thanks! I’m trying to do more writing about local stuff. Do you read the Elkins Proud site?

  3. My wife and I visited Elkins last year, and we absolutely LOVED it.
    We were there to view the big cemetery on the outskirts of town because a majority of the people there are her ancestors and we were graveyard hunting. We met up with this lady at the church on site of the cemetery and she was so helpful in helping us find certain headstones and gave us information on the church (many of the current parishioners are distant relatives of my wife! lol)

    After we spent a couple of hours at the cemetery, we made our way to downtown to grab a bite to eat, and we chose Rio Grande. Salvador, the owner, was beyond hospitable and took great care of us. All in all, we loved our (brief) stay in Elkins, and we do plan on returning to visit the cemetery again and stay for service at the church!

    Great review on this quaint town!

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