Introducing Sunflowers & Thorns

You may have noticed that this space has a whole new look, name and feel.

Welcome to Sunflowers & Thorns! Truth be told, I wasn’t thrilled at first about this rebrand but now I love it and am excited to the next stages with this blog.

Why rebrand if I didn’t want to? Well, it turns out that my old name had a fairly inappropriate slang meaning that I didn’t know about. After doing some research, I discovered the slang was pretty prominent and most definitely not something I wanted to represent my brand, i.e. me.

I thought through what I really want my blog to be and just like I shared in this blog earlier this year, I want to inspire those around me. Not necessarily in feel-good, Pollyanna sort of way. More in a “life is hard but God is good” sort of way.

I still love sunflowers but also talk about less “shiny happy” things in this space. You can read more about the new blog name here, and take a look at my refined categories to the right. I love the new logo that my friend, Sarah, created as it fits what I’m trying to convey perfectly.

I hope you’ll join me for this journey!

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