5 of my top 5s (otherwise known as weirdo life and home tips)

About a month or so ago, Arkansas Women Bloggers‘ monthly theme for submitted blogs was “Top 10 lists” and my best intentions were to submit all kinds of crazy top 10 lists like my weird homemaking tips, my weird life advice, weird observations, etc. You know, random stuff that is either useless or amazingly helpful. … Read More

Home tip: controlling fleas and static cling with one item

I’m the first to admit (and probably complain a little bit) that Borax can be hard to find sometimes. It’s supposed to be in the laundry soap aisle, near the stain removers. It must be pretty darn popular though because I can find it only about half the time. It’s not surprising though, considering how … Read More

2 tips for common medical-related cleanups using household supplies

We all have to clean stuff up from time to time that isn’t easy or pleasant, right? Sometimes that includes medical related-clean ups. No, I don’t have a quick and easy way to clean up cat or kid vomit (but if you do, please share!).   I’ve learned two methods for doing other types of … Read More