Wednesday October 12, 2005

My two-week checkup went great. I had fun meeting several people who had their surgery close to mine. Dr. G said I’m doing fine. I can’t weigh in the office so I went to the preop area and weighed on their
wheelchair scale. Turns out that I lost 16 the first two weeks and six pounds in the few days before the surgery. Total weight loss so far is 22. I had thought about using my preop weight as my starting weight
but I know that I was six pounds heavier so I decided to use the highest weight. It makes the weight loss sound better anyways, LOL.

I’m announcing my weight loss now because it’s new and big. I won’t be sharing this information on a regular basis because to me, the numbers are personal. I may change my mind on this, but for now the numbers are not something I feel like sharing.


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