Tuesday November 29, 2005

Today was not such a wonderful food day. I went to Smokin’ Joes for the first time since I was able to have real food and it was so dry that I threw it up. In the restaurant. Well not at the table but I had to dash to the bathroom after about four bites. I tried to eat again when I got home (since I threw up the first round of food I got none of the nutritional value that I needed) but that made me sick too. I waited a couple hours and was able to get down cheese sticks OK. I was still low on my protein requirements though and didn’t feel like doing food so I decided to try one of my protein drinks. I’ve been having trouble with my protein drinks since I started the solid food stage so I haven’t been drinking them. They make me dump some and all the sudden I can’t stand the taste. I figured out how to make it taste better but I still dumped. Within 10 minutes of starting the drink I started shaking a bit and my heart was thumping. It was so unnerving! I know I need to finish it but I really don’t want to. The dumping goes away and is part of the surgery and no reason for anyone to freak out. I just hate it when it happens. It is basically like an episode of really high blood sugar. You don’t get high blood sugar, it just feels like that.

Oh well, I will be fine. I just needed to vent and the best way for me to do that is to write.



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