Tuesday December 5, 2006

Something happened this morning that I thought was pretty funny and it goes to show that we still worry even if we tell ourselves we wont!

I have had a very minor weight gain but I want to get back off soon. It’s small and I have done it before so I told myself I wasn’t worried about it. Well, this morning I grabbed the top pair of black pants in my drawer and pulled them on. They went on but were definitely tighter than normal! I panicked. I was like, my clothes are getting tight! It’s the beginning
of the end! i’m going to balloon up again! This is how it starts! GAHHHHHHHH!! !!!!!!

Then it hit me. I spent last evening redoing my dresser drawers and how the clothes are orgnanized. In other words, I actually took the clothes out of the baskets and arranged them in the drawers. I have lots of black pants that fit me various ways. The bigger ones go in the back and the ones that are smaller and therefore fit better are in the front. I thought I had grabbed my size 18 stretch pants and that those were the ones that were tight. I looked down and those were still in the drawer. That meant I had grabbed the 16s and put them on and of course those are tight! I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for panicking when there was no need!

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