Day 3: there’s nothing truly simple about cherry!

There are two flavors in my marriage that brings individual joy to the people in that partnership. Blueberry and cherry. My husband, not normally a sweets person, loves anything blueberry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy blueberry muffins and the¬†occasional blueberry blondie. But my husband loves blueberry-just-about-anything. The thing is, he hates cherry. We even buy different flavors of cough syrup because he hates cherry flavoring that much.

You might be wondering why I’m writing a “31 Days of Simple Joys” about what my husband loves and hates. The thing is, I love cherry. Although I don’t care for cherry pie, oddly enough. Give me cherry-flavored cough drops, candy, sugar-free syrup, whatever… and I love it.

My husband knows this so my simple joy for today is whenever he brings me something cherry. It’s a special thing between the two of us (in other words, please don’t inundate me with cherry stuff!) and whenever he finds something new at the gas station or store that is cherry, he brings it home for me to try. I tend to do the same for him with new blueberry products.

I think my favorite (OK, I know my favorite) is the Trolli Cherry Bombers. The mix of firm gummy candy with cherry syrup in the middle is simply divine. It’s not too sweet, not sour. So yes, that’s my simple joy for today. When my husband does something simple like bringing me my favorite candy.

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