Day 24: Unplanned ministry, unplanned kindness

Simple joys are the moments that happen throughout the day that are usually unexpected, but always put a smile on one’s face. What about the moments when you get the chance to put a smile on someone else’s face? To bless their day? I call this unexpected ministry. For those who have a different belief … Read More

Day 14: Admin Drop Down Window (WP Plugin) is a great thing

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s the content management system that I use for my business website and this blog. It’s a great web-based system that lets users use “plugins” that provide extra functionality. One of the few things I dislike about WordPress is the menu on the dashboard. This is the area where … Read More

Day 11: fires bring back many memories, are the center for new memories

For today’s Simple Joys post, I want to share about fire. Not just any fire, but wood-burning fires. Sure, gas-lit fires in fireplaces are pretty, but they hardly rival the crackle and pop of a real, wood-burning fireplace. The smell of the burning wood both soothes and thrills me. I’ve smelled incense that is supposed … Read More

Blog silence and Day 10: Simple joy is in new words

You might be wondering if I lost track of the days considering my day 8 post came at 11:58 on Monday night, followed almost immediately by day 9. Now, day 10 is coming during Day 9. Yes, I’m sure you’re keeping track! Not really, you’re probably just thinking “dear lord, how much can Jamie talk … Read More