31 Days of Simple Joys 2012

I love a challenge. I also love writing. So a writing challenge, especially one that I know will have emotional benefits for me are always a good thing. I’m a little scared of this one, though.

The 31 Days of Simple Joys is my take on the 31 Days in 2012, which is a now a nationwide blogging challenge to write every day for 31 days about the same topic. Basically, you pick a theme and find ways to adapt the theme to write every day. The entries don’t have to be long, in fact it’s best if they aren’t.

I struggled to decide what I wanted to write about for 31 days. This is Spina Bifida Awareness Month but I just didn’t feel like writing about my disability for every single day. I don’t give it that much attention in my real life, why give it that much audience in my blog life? I decided that a vague but specific enough subject would be Simple Joys. Each day I’m going to blog about something I find joyful or something simple (and often insignificant) that I must admit puts a big ol’ smile on my face. I first wrote about Simple Joys in 2011, which you can read here.

Each blog will be accompanied with the graphic I created:

I would love it if you subscribe to the blog and join me in the journey! I will try to update this page every day with a link to the latest post.

 Day 1: Learning how to make my own clipart graphics
Day 2: The plan to name blizzards the same way as hurricanes makes me happy

Day 3: There’s nothing truly simple about cherry! 

Day 4: College boys singing Lady Gaga

Day 5: the heart of an entrepreneur

Day 6: My ‘guardian’ angel

Day 7: Exact change

Day 8: Getting photos of my nieces

Day 9: Red M&Ms

Day 10: Blog silence and new words

Day 11: Camp fires

Day 12: Sunflowers put a sunny smile on my face

Day 13: Hint of fall color

Day 14: Admin Drop Down Window (WP Plugin) is a great thing

Day 15: Dance scenes in movies

Day 16: Having good ideas

Day 17: ‘Your order has shipped’

Day 18: Happy pets make me happy! 

Day 19: not having pink eye or glaucoma 

Day 20: Truly and actually sleeping in

Day 21: Privileged parking (not about handicapped parking although I love that too!)

Day 22: Letting myself off the hook

Day 23: Finding something that is cheaper and better

Day 24: Unexpected ministry, unexpected kindness

Day 25: Automatic soap dispensers

Day 26: Scrapbooking creates, keeps memories 

Day 27:  hospital Jello

Day 28: Simple family traditions

Day 29: My college blankie

Day 30: Early voting is awesome

Day 31: Finally being done with the blog challenge! 

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