Day 16: Having good ideas

OK, so this is a little bit of a weird “Simple Joy” but perhaps it’s part of my love language or something. I love coming up with new and fresh ideas, or new approaches to old subjects.

This really manifests itself in my work , as I’m pretty decent at coming up with story ideas, blog ideas and story angles for press releases about normally non-newsy subjects.

I also love coming up with business ideas. For example, I some day think there should be a restaurant based on food we all had as kids. The menu can change as the staff changes and to be employed there, you have to suggest at least one food item that reminds you of your childhood. The menu would describe the item and tell the story.

Ideas from others also thrill me. I have a friend who has several business ideas that I really hope someone brings to life some day!  I would share them, because they really are that creative and brilliant, but it would be awful if someone stole her ideas.

When I interview others, I love the passion in their voice when they talk about their ideas. I especially love it when people show unpredictable creativity and thought. Or if they find awesome ways to solve a problem.

Just so I can get it out of my system, I started thinking about other ideas for the next year’s 31 Days of 2013 blog challenge. Finding interesting ways to talk about the same theme is admittedly a challenge, especially when you feel like no one is interested. To me, what topic you choose kind of depends on your target audience and purpose in doing the challenge. When this started, I needed to help keep my mind and heart clear and wanted to remember the joy of simple moments in life. I also knew that family members would be the primary readers. That’s why Simple Joys seemed appropriate (and includes a lot of childhood memories.

Here’s a few other ideas I came up with that others might want to do next year:

  • 31 Days of Favorite Childhood Moments
  • 31 Days of  Family Recipes
  • 31 Days of  Bloggy Love (choosing a different blog from the challenge and promoting another blogger each day)
  • 31 Days of Bucket List items (OK, this one is kinda boring and overdone but you could have fun with it)
  • 31 Days of Promises from God


What ideas do you have? 

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  1. Necessity is mother of invention. Food creativity. When the cupboard was bare. They have stories to go with… call ’em Memory Meals. Joyce and I once had chocolate Maypo and rice. Followed that with spaghetti with smelt instead of meatballs in the tomato sauce. Joyce was appalled at my creative mealbut hey, we were broke, hungry and in love adventurous.

  2. I would agree! I’m sure there’s stuff my mom made that was out of necessity that I just love! Hey, necessity and availability of resources is how I named my business! Thanks for commenting, Tom 🙂

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