Day 21: Privileged parking

You’re probably thinking this is going to be a gloat about handicapped parking like this:


It’s not.

Truth be told (and yes, I realize this is very “first world problem”), sometimes handicapped parking is a pain. I use it because I need the wider spaces and it’s a lot safer for someone who is going through a parking lot to have to go behind as few cars as possible. But when you need to use a certain kind of spot and there are none to be found, it actually gets frustrating to find all the “normal” spots available that won’t work for whatever reason. Sometimes, I just park in those and make them work.

But the kind of “privileged parking” I discovered was a Simple Joy the other day is for when there’s little to no parking but because of why you’re at a location, you get to park in special places that no one else can.

We were at a medical clinic the other day for my husband and this place is especially bad about having available parking. I’ve driven in circles for literally half an hour before finding a spot that wouldn’t trap me in my car. But there is a lot that is gated off for patients of the specific doctor group my husband was visiting.

Usually I’m very frustrated with this lot because I see the open spaces and I can’t use them. It made me do a happy dance to be able to simply say that we had an appointment with a specific doctor and voila, the gates opened!


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