Day 25: Automatic soap dispensers

I love my automatic soap dispenser, which is somewhat ironic because I usually hate the ones in public bathrooms. On my auto dispenser, however, you don’t have to wave your hand in front of it and hold your tongue out a certain way just to get a tiny blob of soap.

No, siree.

We technically have the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen dispenser, but we use it in the bathroom. We didn’t know there was supposed to be a difference and I’m not sure what the difference actually is, except that the dispensers are shaped differently.

Anywho, this is my simple joy for the day. It’s a minor thing, but it really does help to be able to just get the soap without touching the germy dispenser and refilling the soap is a lot easier than a traditional hand pump. They also have really nice scents that are still anti-bacterial!



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