I tried. I really, really tried

I was going to let it go, I really was. But I can’t.

I’m participating in yet another blogging challenge but decided to not put as much pressure on myself for this one and to attempt to make the posts more organic, more natural than previous challenges. For one, I didn’t announce that I was doing a challenge and I don’t post religiously each day according to the prompts.

I had planned on completely skipping over the prompts that were supposed to be for Monday and Tuesday because they were election related. I choose to not discuss politics in general, but my position as a journalist makes doing so a conflict of interest. I must admit I’m glad I have that ethical standard to hide behind because it sounds much better than “I just don’t wanna talk about it.”

But each time I go to the list of blog prompts for the month, I see those skipped days and it bugs me. At first I tried to ignore it and tell myself that I don’t have to answer every prompt. Choosing to not do something doesn’t mean failure, it’s a conscious choice.

It still bugs me. So, I’m going to briefly answer each one here.

For Monday, we were supposed to give our opinion of what we thought would happen in Monday’s election. Here’s my response to that:

This is a cartoon I found somewhere on Facebook


Yes, the election was and is important. Obviously. But instead of getting all bent out of shape about it, I tried to take a broader view. There is so much more to life than worrying about what is happening in our government. I chose to have faith, not fret. Oh, that was cheesy. But true.

The second prompt was for Tuesday and it asked what my first act would be if I were elected President of the US. I still don’t have a good answer for this one. I would probably find an easy and obvious campaign promise and make an effort to achieve it as an act of good will. Yes, that answer is stupid.

Whew. I answered the questions. Now they can quit staring at me every time I go to the prompt page.

Update: I just found out that the prompts are just that, prompts. I misunderstood the challenge (and wrote this insane blog) and it turns out that the point is to write every day, not to focus on the prompts. Dude. I so got this. Maybe. Although skipping a day when there’s not an assigned topic will rest a lot easier on my head.

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  1. Ok, I loved this whole post, but you made me giggle here: “Dude. I so got this.”

    I haven’t found the prompts very helpful, but I understand why they’re there.

  2. I generally don’t follow any of the prompts. I find them way too impersonal. And, they’re usually topics I don’t write about as well, like politics.

    I liked the theme of blogging for blogging’s sake this year. The point is to just do it! Happy Blogging!

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