A whole lotta oink oink and gobble gobble

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A few years ago, I wrote a “news” feature about what people do with their Thanksgiving leftovers. I was trying to be somewhat creative but really, it was something I could do to maintain a story byline count during a normally very dry week before the holidays.

I wish I had access to that story now, but I don’t. See, this Thanksgiving we decided to have a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. Even turkey and John doesn’t even like turkey that much. We discussed getting a turkey breast but John wants a full turkey with all the fixings. Including ham. So yes, we are fixing, from scratch: turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberries, pumpkin pie and rolls (well, Harps will be making the rolls).

The point of today’s Arkansas Women Bloggers ThanksBlogging ChallengeĀ is to share recipes of what we can do with our leftover turkey and ham, but I got nothing. Oh, I have the obvious, but I more wanted to write this blog for three reasons: address the blog challenge in a creative way, seek out suggestions, and start a mental list of all that we can do with that leftover meat!

So here’s what I have so far. If you have other suggestions, leave a comment!

Turkey leftovers

  • Turkey noodle soup (instead of chicken)
  • Turkey sandwiches
  • (Insert just about anything chicken casserole-esque here)
  • Thanksgiving sandwiches (where you take one of the rolls and put the turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries and mashed potatoes and gravy all on it. Sounds disgusting, it’s not bad)

Ham leftovers

  • Ham sandwiches
  • Hawaiian pizza
  • Ham and beans
  • um… I got nothing

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