The awkwardness of Thankful questions

This blog was initially supposed to be written last Wednesday as part of the Arkansas Women Bloggers ThanksBlogging Challenge, but I was going to ignore it because it seemed both too hard and too simple. After all, listing all the things for which I’m thankful seems too simple because there’s so many beautiful blessings in my life. It seems hard too because it seems like if I leave something or someone off, that it is saying I don’t count them as a blessing.

Now that I’m out of what has otherwise been a crazy and frustrating week, I’m able to think with more clarity and creativity. Answering the question of “what I’m thankful for” doesn’t have to be so literal or so hard. It’s not about making sure I please everyone. It’s about being thankful.

I’m thankful for many things. For life, for love, for family, for friends, for my home, for salvation. I’m thankful for some of the presumably bad things that have happened to me because I know I learn something from each event.

But I think that is almost seeing the forest for the trees. Sometimes I wonder if it is just simply enough to be thankful for being thankful. That speaks to two things. It is being grateful that I have learned to have a thankful spirit and appreciate the world around me. Living a life of chosen thankfulness and joy makes life so, so much better. I think not being thankful sounds frustrating and hopeless and I never want to be without hope.

It also says to me that when a person has a spirit of thankfulness, that means they have a ton for which to be thankful.

So I guess that’s it. I’m thankful that I have so much to be thankful for and that God has worked on my heart enough that I understand that.

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