Easter rain seems fitting

This log is something I wrote in April 2009. It seemed fitting to reshare:

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It rained today, quite a bit actually, and more is on its way. My first reaction “how sad, it’s raining on Easter, all those egg hunts will be ruined!”

But as I thought about it more this morning, it seems only fitting, only appropriate that it would rain so much on Easter morning. Think about it, rain is cleansing and rain helps things grow, bringing a sense of renewed life to the world. Isn’t what Christ did?

His death and resurrection accomplished both things: it wiped out our debt of sin, completely. There wasn’t any IOUs or even hints of it. It also gave us new life, not only a better life than we had before but somehow being promised life after being assured certain death seems so much sweeter.

Even as I write those words I have a hard time understanding them because they mean so much. Even now that I have a real relationship with God, I have a hard time knowing how to react to the idea of the crucifixion. It’s not that I’m not grateful, in fact it’s really the opposite.

The idea that Jesus did that is so amazing that I have a hard time fully grasping it well enough to react. Is a thank you good enough? Hardly. Is accepting the gift enough? Not really, even though that’s all we have to do to receive the eternal life the gift promises. I keep thinking I should be breaking down in tears and wailing or having some other violently emotional reaction to all that happened on Golgotha, but I don’t. I just sit there in quiet awe, respect and numb thankfulness that seems and probably is so inadequate.

From now on, forget the Easter egg hunts. I hope it rains every Easter.

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