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Arkansas Women Bloggers

I’m a member of a fantastically fun organization for bloggers of all types, genres and personalities. Arkansas Women Bloggers is for women bloggers who, you guessed it, live in (or aroundish) Arkansas. ARWB is the flagship organization and it’s now spawned Missouri Women Bloggers, Oklahoma Women Bloggers and Kansas Women Bloggers.

Anywho, Arkansas Women Bloggers regularly invites its members to guest post on their site. Each Tuesday they offer “tech tips” from members. We all get the chance to share something we’ve learned about social media, technology, the technical side of blogger, etc.

This week, I was happy to share some of my favorite plugins in WordPress.

Head on over to the site and check it out! If you’re a blogger and live in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma or Kansas, check out their sites (linked above) and join the one for your state!

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    1. Kelly, I think one is forming. I’m not sure but I will ask! ARWB is the flagship and others are sprouting off of that.

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