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As someone who has blogged since 2005, I’ve told many stories. Stories that meant something to hundreds, some stories that meant something only to me. The stories a blogger shares are close to their heart in some way, even if it’s related to a sponsored product promotion. What’s the most close to my heart, however, are the relationships and connections I’ve made through or because of my blog.

A bit o’ bloggy history

My first blog was on Xanga, where I shared my progress towards and after having gastric bypass surgery. I later created a blog on MySpace (yes, MySpace) that was public where I shared anything not related to gastric bypass. Here’s a bit of a secret: I also created a third blog that had a fake name, fake demographics that was set to private. This is where I was able to share thoughts not meant for the public and have it be like an online diary of sorts. I often printed off these blogs for my therapist to help in our sessions.

I later combined my Xanga blog audience with my MySpace audience to write on a subdomain of my business website. Then about a year ago, I decided to make blogging more than just a therapeutic hobby and I created this space you’re visiting here: Jamie’s Thots. Although I write some sponsored posts now, this place is still where I write to help, to heal and to hang out.

Friends along the way

I’ve made many friends through or because of my blog, some of whom I’ve never met in real life and others who have become what I hope are lifelong friends. The blogger community in Northwest Arkansas is vibrant and active, which is an awesome blessing both in the relationships but also the ability to help each other grow our respective blogs.

There are what seems to be countless stories but I wanted to briefly mention three here that seem to have the biggest “wow” factor or what I call “awwww factor.” In other words, it’s these stories that most people react with, “are you serious? That’s so cool!”

Meeting Annie

Annie and me at our first time meeting several years ago.
Annie and me at our first time meeting several years ago.

When I first met Annie, she was in first or second grade. She is now in middle/junior high school and went from being a cute kid to a lovely, vivacious young lady. Annie’s mom, Heather, found my blog indirectly through an organization for people with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that both Annie and I have. It turned out we attended the same church at the time.

Annie and I became fast friends, to be sure. I’m able to offer my life experience from the perspective of someone who has “been there” and grown up as being girl with Spina Bifida. She offers me insight into my own childhood in a very unique and special way. Both of our parents come from similar belief systems and are raising us in similar ways. Watching her grow up through my now adult eyes has given me an even stronger appreciation for my own childhood.

Being found

Sasha Radunovich now. He's an entrepreneur, a husband and a dad. And still a nice guy.
Sasha Radunovich now. He’s an entrepreneur, a husband and a dad. And still a nice guy.

The next story is more recent and I am still amazed it happened. In April, I wrote about my hometown basketball team, the Wichita State Shockers, making it to the Final Four. I talked about how my family has been long-time Shocker fans and I divulged a childhood crush on one of the players, a Sasha Radunovich from former Yugoslavia.

I still can’t believe that Sasha found the blog and contacted me! I was floored, flabbergasted and thrilled all at the same time. Sasha graciously agreed to be interviewed for my blog about what he’s been up to since leaving WSU and that blog has reached several alumni, some of whom have contacted me thanking me for updating fans on Sasha’s life.

Seriously, what a cool story!

Saving the best for last

Perhaps it's the Kansas girl in me, but I love sunflowers. The big ones, the sunburst looking ones, the small little sunflowers. All of them. For some reason, I no longer decorate my home with sunflowers but they were the prominent flower in my wedding.

The last story is one that many people know but I rarely discuss online. It’s the story of how I met my husband. Most people are amazed to learn that God brought me the man of my dreams through my blog. You can read the story here, on the Arkansas Women Bloggers site, but I’ll share the short version here:

I wrote a blog based on the first sermon I heard on my first visit to a church after deciding to do the “God thing” again (that’s a whole other story!). During that time, I had contact from various people on MySpace who were not good to be around so I had sworn off talking to new people from that site, especially men. A few dating experiences I had from that site were disasters and I just wanted time to sort it all out.

That’s when I got a message from some guy in the middle of the night complimenting a blog I had written and making some commentary on it. I ignored him for several days because I just didn’t want to interact with any strangers. Then I decided I was being rude so I gave a simple response. He responded to my response and I was intrigued. I continued the conversation and we became fast friends but we both were attracted to each other. Two weeks later, we had our first date and this September, we will celebrate our fifth anniversary.

So yes, I met my husband because of my blog!

What cool relationships have you made because of a blog? Share your story in the comments!

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  1. So cool right? I did some pretty awesome things for my community via my blog after hurricain sandy…,all with connections made through my blog.

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