Ozark Pudding recipe (bread pudding-inspired apple and pecan cake)


I don’t remember exactly how I came to discover Ozark Pudding, but our lives are forever changed because of it! It’s interesting to me how there are so many different ways to make this delectable southern dish and truth be told, they are all good.

The recipe we settled on for our first time was from Deep South Dish and it was fantastic! The crust rose perfectly to the top with the soft portion underneath being like an apple pecan pie consistency. We also tried the same ingredients in a bread pan and it was a little bit thicker.

Then, we decided to start experimenting. We tried different pans, different sweeteners, different methods of slicing the apples, more flour, less flour, you name it. We even talked about trying pear instead of apple but never got around to it.

What we came up with is more like a custardy bread pudding and it’s delicious! Read More

Chicken and Pecan Rice Casserole recipe

Chicken and Pecan Rice Casserole recipe

Chicken and Pecan Rice Casserole.jpg


I love it when we can figure out a new way to blend some of our favorite foods! That’s pretty much what we did with this casserole. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it sure is yummy!

It all started a few months ago, I attended the Arkansas Women Bloggers University bloggers conference and one of the main sponsors was Riceland Foods. We got tons of rice to try and a Riceland cookbook that gave some awesome ideas for using that rice. Fast forward a few months and we were looking for the perfect rice side dish to go with a tri-tip roast. We chose Riceland’s pecan rice and we fell in love!

We had leftovers of that and some leftovers of the Korean rice bowl and we both ended up eating the two together and realized how yummy it would be if we did it on purpose!

So that’s where Chicken and Pecan Rice Casserole was born. We added a couple ingredients and increased some of the ingredients in the pecan rice dish to balance out the flavors. Here’s how you can make it yourself (keep reading for a chance to link up your own recipe for some of the same ingredients): Read More