Day 6: My ‘guardian’ angel

I love seeing my little angel every time I get in the car.

Six years ago, an online friend made me an angel Christmas tree ornament with her own hands and sent it to me in the mail. It came at just the right time when I was facing a really scary situation. I tied it up on my car’s rear view mirror and it’s been there ever since.

I don’t consider it a talisman or a good luck charm. I know that it’s not actually guarding me from anything. But often when I look at it, it makes me smile. First of all, it’s pretty. It also reminds me that God is watching over me. It reminds me that he sends “angels” to care for us in the form of friends and other loved ones.

Just the other day, I was driving along with the windows down and the wind caught the angel and made it appear to be flying. I thought it was going to be ripped out of the car but I grabbed it in time. I have to admit I smiled at the idea of my angel possibly finding its way to someone else after flying out of my car.

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