Blog silence and Day 10: Simple joy is in new words

You might be wondering if I lost track of the days considering my day 8 post came at 11:58 on Monday night, followed almost immediately by day 9. Now, day 10 is coming during Day 9. Yes, I’m sure you’re keeping track! Not really, you’re probably just thinking “dear lord, how much can Jamie talk on that blog of hers?”

The thing is, many bloggers in Arkansas are going silent on Wednesday in honor of one of our own. I don’t know Julee Turner, but she’s the wife of one of NWA’s former news anchors. Matt Turner was killed in a car accident earlier this week and leaves behind Julee and their young daughter Preslee. To honor the family, local bloggers are going to not post on Wednesday. That left some of us with a conundrum because we are doing the 31 Days of 2012 challenge. I didn’t want to miss a day, so I’m posting early.


Now on to Day 10: Simple joy is in new words

Most people seem to assume that because I’m a writer, I naturally love grammar (and that I’m a snob about it). Or that I adore Scrabble and crossword puzzles. None of the above are true. I rarely, if ever correct people’s grammar. I hate Scrabble and crossword puzzles. They make me feel stupid (and if we’re being technical, crossword puzzles are more about trivia than about words).

What I do love is learning new words and especially creating new words. Not the silly “couple names” like Brangelina. Nor do I mean words that are so pompous that no normal person would bring them up in everyday conversation.

I’m talking about words like funcy. This word showed up in my analytics report for Jamie’s Thots a few days ago. I’m pretty sure they meant to search for “fancy” but funcy seemed to just fit. The phrase was “disabled feet don’t fit funcy shoes.” This can mean fun and fancy shoes.

Another word I am pretty sure I made up is one I use with my animals. I ask them if they are “hungerous.” This means hungry but in a ferocious way. As in, not just starting to feel hungry. As in come in and jump on me and lick my ear until I feed you kind of hungry.

Every year, various dictionaries announce what words are being added to their list of words, especially in their online versions. Publications like Huffington Post usually reports on this information, like this article about the 13 weirdest new words added to the dictionary.

What are some of your favorite words? 

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