Day 9: Red M&Ms

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user aqsahu)

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the Christmas pack, in peanut M&Ms or regular. I love the red M&Ms. And yes, I am one of “those” people who likes to separate their M&M candies by color and I have a sequence in which I eat the colors. Blues are first because those are the weirdest ones to be a chocolate candy. They should be fruit flavored or something. That’s just weird.

The red ones are eaten last because they are the most special. Besides the fact that red is one of my two favorite colors of all time, I think it’s cool and a little weird that the red ones were taken off the market because people were freaking out that they caused cancer (they didn’t).

One would think I would just eat the red ones or even buy them special at places like Candy Craze. I did this for my wedding (along with yellow and purple). But somehow the red ones are less special if you buy them that way. They are fun and special when you get a couple in a single pack.

So what Simple Joys have you found in your day? 


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