Day 8: getting photos of my nieces

B and C are both beautiful and I think a little mischievous! Their eyes and little smiles express so much curiosity and joy for the world. Seriously, the cutest twins ever. Yes, I’m biased.

Family is far from a “simple” joy and this is especially true for my love of my nieces and my soon-to-be born nephew, Avi. My heart is overwhelmed with love for them and I pray every day that God keeps them safe in his love. My heart breaks that I live 12 hours away and I cannot be a part of their everyday lives. Time and distance means they don’t even really know who Aunt Jamie is. I can’t wait to change that!

So why am I talking about them for my Simple Joys challenge? After all, this is supposed to be about the simple things in life that happen throughout the day and put a smile on my face.

Here’s the whole family! My brother Matt, his wife Lorissa, the twins, Avi (in utero of course) and dog Jude.

Well, the moments I get an email from my brother or sister-in-law that I know has a video of the girls or better yet, a photo, are simple moments that happen throughout the week. I love the photos even more because I can print them off and carry them with me. Getting a photo may seem small compared to actually spending time with them, but it makes me feel connected. It lets me see their child-like beauty and innocence. It helps me dream of the moments when I can cuddle with my nieces and nephew in real life.

Simply put, getting pictures of these lovely girls brightens my day like little else can. It may be just a picture of a passing moment, but for me it’s a moment of joy.

This post is for the 31 Days of 2012 challenge. I am writing about a different “Simple Joy” every day during the month of October.

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