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Are you much of a couponer? I’m trying to learn more about it without spending tons of time scouring newspapers  for coupons that in the end, don’t add up to compensate me for the amount of time I spent searching for them then cutting out the coupons. Let’s just say I’m loving the idea of online coupons, including manufacturers coupons.

Well guess what? Kraft and Walmart are teaming up to provide #PackedWithSavings and they’ve asked me, through #CollectiveBias, to share it with you. Seriously, check these out. More than $16 in savings and the coupons are all in one place!

I am always looking for new and fun activities to enjoy during the summer, but costs can start to add up quickly! Saving money whenever and wherever I can is important, especially during the summer months. Kraft Foods wants to help you save money without sacrificing on great taste and quality by offering multiple high value coupons worth $16.25. If you can cut back your grocery bill, that opens up the possibility for fun activities with your family and friends all summer long! Be sure to download these coupons now to begin saving! You can find all of these great deals on http://cbi.as/copy


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