Day 3: there’s nothing truly simple about cherry!

There are two flavors in my marriage that brings individual joy to the people in that partnership. Blueberry and cherry. My husband, not normally a sweets person, loves anything blueberry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy blueberry muffins and the¬†occasional blueberry blondie. But my husband loves blueberry-just-about-anything. The thing is, he hates cherry. We even … Read More

Day 2: the plan to name blizzards like hurricanes makes me happy

I’m a weather geek. I love writing about the weather in non-technical terms. I love reading about weather-related stories. I love coming up with news or feature stories that relate how the weather affects our every-day lives including activities, economy and so on. The funny/ironic thing is, I technically have a Storm Spotter certificate but … Read More

Day 1: Learning how to make my own simple clipart graphics

I’m not a graphic artist by any stretch of any of the craziest imaginations. When I use art for my blogs, it’s either crappy pictures I’ve taken myself or images I’ve found on the free area of Flickr. I heard at WordCamp Fayetteville that it’s really easy to make your own graphics on PowerPoint but … Read More