Goatie Girls soap best discovery this year

It’s not often that I find a personal care product made out of “natural” stuff that I actually think is worth the money.

A local Arkansas family that uses its goats’ milk to make soaps and lotions changed all that.


Last spring, John and I took a “Local Adventure” trip to Fort Smith and discovered an unexpected treasure in Goatie Girls. This company sells 100 percent goat milk soap, meaning no water is added and there are no preservatives. They also sell paraben-free goat milk lotion. Their soap and lotion containers have pictures and little descriptions of the actual goats on their farm. I love that feature because it’s fun and it gives you the idea that this truly is from goat’s milk.

We looked at their soaps with interest … mostly to be polite at first. We were enjoying the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market and were looking at each booth. I usually don’t use scented lotions or soaps because they give my skin problems but I like to at least smell them! Their selections of soap caught our attention, though and we ended up buying “Mechanics Soap.” (all the images you are about to see are directly from their website)

Mechanics Soap

This soap is designed to get the grime off your hands after working on your car. John needs this obviously because he works on our cars. I usually use his heavy duty soap on my hands because I get so much imbedded in my palms from my wheelchair, including motor oil from dirty parking lots.

Honestly? We didn’t have much confidence in this stuff but figured it couldn’t hurt … and it was a cheap souvenir from our trip. What we found, however, is something we now continue to purchase because it works so well. It both gets off the grime from our hands but it doesn’t leave a gritty feel like other heavy duty soaps, including Lava. It also smells pretty decent!

Kitchen Coffee Soap

We liked the mechanics soap so much that we decided to try a couple more. When we ran out of the mechanics soap, we found they had a special online for getting a package of three soaps of your choice. I had been interested in the “Kitchen Coffee Soap” because it had coffee in it, which gets the smell of onions, garlic and peppers out of your hands after handling them.

The Kitchen Coffee Soap also lived up to its name! It still takes two washings to fully get the onion/pepper smell out of my hands, but the point is, it does get out! I used to have to wash my hands over and over and just let time do it’s thing when it came to getting rid of the onion/pepper smell after cooking. This soap gets it out much quicker and, like the Mechanics Soap, doesn’t leave a film on your hands after using.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

The third soap we tried was the Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap. I think my husband liked this soap more than I did, but I liked it enough to try it again with a few modifications to how we use it. This soap has soft, clean smell that is very natural. It is very soothing on the skin. My only problem with it is that it disappeared after a week. I think I know what I would do differently, however. With this soap, we had two people using it daily plus we left it in the shower uncovered. That let lots of water get to it, which I think made it dissolve quicker. If we get it again, I will put it in a protected soap case.

Get your goat!

I loved this store and hope they continue. I know you can find them online and at the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market during the spring/summer/early fall. I plan on trying the Gardener’s Soap next, which is designed to get the earthy smell out of your hands after working in the garden. These soaps would make great gifts or something nice to add to your home.

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  1. What an absolutely lovely tribute! You rock! We will be at the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market on Garrison Avenue until November 19th. Our products are available year round on my website and on Etsy. Thanks so much for featuring GoatieGirls. :))

  2. I just wanted to add to your compliments to Goatie girls. I have personally been to their farm and I am amazed at the love and attention they give their goats. This may be a business but the Girls (goats) are treated royaly. The boys too. all their animals are. My husband, daughter and I were treated to being able to watch an evening milking. Their barn is cleaner than some peoples kitchen. Bob & Ginger are top notch. I too love their products. The sugar scrub is super.

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