Return of 21 Days of Thankful

We all know that the big day of turkey and football is coming up later this month. But what about what the day is really about (and I don’t mean resting up for Black Friday)?

I’m thrilled that the second annual 21 Days of Thankful starts Nov. 3. This is a day where you are invited to participate in something that is free, takes little time and will bless your socks off. 21 Days of Thankful invites you to share something for which you are thankful every day on your various social media channels (on Twitter, use the hashtag #Thankful)

I’ve tried to do something like this for a couple of years and I’m only somewhat embarrassed that it started out of irritation. It drove me nuts to see people talking about how thankful they were for so much stuff…but they waited until Thanksgiving to do it. It just gave me a feeling of “I’m thankful because it’s the day I’ve been told to feel that way and everyone else is doing it and I HAVE to look cool and righteous on Facebook so I’m gonna post something.”

A little jaded? Perhaps. But I still think I had a point. That’s why I’ve tried to express thankfulness throughout the year. It lifts my spirits, encourages others (and there’s the obvious…it’s the right thing to d0).

My challenge this year is to start out with the lesson I learned last year. This lesson was to learn to be thankful … and to express the thankfulness..for more than just the obvious, happy parts of life. It’s about finding things to be thankful for even in the bad moments. I’m not saying I’m ungrateful for the good things, it’s more about a continual practice of attitude adjustment for me.

So will you join us? I promise, it can change your life…for the better.


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