Day 18: Happy pets makes this momma happy

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love my pets. I’m an animal lover in general and believe that it’s part of my responsibility as a person of faith to take care of the creation God gave us.

But for me, my pets are my kids. When my husband and I decided to not have or adopt human children, I was initially sad. I knew it was the right choice for a lot of reasons that quite frankly, are no one else’s business. But I also knew I loved nurturing, loving and yes, nagging. I realize it’s not the same, but I do get to experience this feeling when it comes to my pets. We take care of our animals and try to make sure they have the best homes possible. We don’t spoil them, like many assume we might. Spoiled pets are ultimately not well-taken care of because they lack discipline and boundaries. I also get to dote on my nieces and nephew so I get some human children nurturing in there.

Anyways, back to my Simple Joy for today. I find joy in the fact that people say our pets seem happy and healthy. I remember the first time a vet wrote “good cat” on Missy’s chart. My heart glowed. I love it that my pets seem content and even happy in our home and that they in turn give us so much joy. Their reliance on us, but also their protection of us is very valuable. I love their faces, their kisses and their various ways of showing they are happy.

Here are my furbabies (links to their story are under each photo)










Meet Missy! 









Meet Colby! 










Meet Flower! 









Meet Jazzy!

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