Our evolving goulash recipe (a fun meal solution experiment)

Goulash Recipe

A week or so ago, we tried the goulash at one of our favorite restaurants, a diner called Lucy’s Diner. It was divine and we decided to make trying to replicate Lucy’s goulash recipe as our next recipe project. We failed to replicate the recipe but what we made was distinct in its own way that we will evolve until we get it just right.

So why share this on my blog before it’s perfect? First of all, just because it’s not perfect yet for us doesn’t mean it won’t spark some ideas for my brilliant readers. Also, I believe we’re all a work in progress and I promised myself I would not wait until life is perfect to post on my blog. That should go for recipes too, I figure.

Some of the choices we made were based on food we already had and I will make note of that in the recipe as well as what we believe didn’t work for us.  Read More

Creative leftovers means they aren’t really ‘leftovers’ (updated)

There seems to be a negative connotation to the idea of leftovers. It’s not fresh food. It’s the food no one wanted when it was newly cooked. Leftovers are not as pretty as the dish when it’s first made, but my experience is that a lot of food tastes better the next day. This is true for most Italian food, chili, enchiladas and most casseroles. It’s as though it gives the spices and flavors time to blend and really flourish.

For some reason, my mom’s creativity with leftovers has always stuck in my mind as a great childhood memory. I don’t know if the food qualified as “leftover” considering I know she always made enough of the original dishes to make the new dishes in the following days. This is a great idea for families, especially if it involves kids (or adults!) who don’t like to eat the same thing day after day. Read More