Baked ziti recipe (the really easy version!)

Baked ziti recipe (the really easy version!)

Baked Ziti

I recently discovered a love for baked ziti after one of our favorite restaurants started serving it as a special about once a week. It’s simple, really. A baked casserole with penne pasta, sauce, meat and cheese. We were craving Italian-type food this weekend and wanted the house to be warm and smell good so we decided to try our own baked ziti.

We looked online and didn’t find a recipe we wanted to replicate so we kind of took the best of some of the recipes and made up our own version. We plan to try it again with perhaps more cheese and maybe some veggies but were pleased with the first attempt!

What I loved about this recipe is that it was easy and had a tiny bit of “zing” but didn’t require any special seasoning or blends.

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Recipe: Greek/Italian Mediterranean Chicken Goodness

The truth is, I have no idea what this dish is called because it’s kind of a hybrid, made-up blend. Just so you’ll hang with me, I’ll show you what it looks like at the end:

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